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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Tree Life's Demonstration Course! We've created this course to let you look at our Learner Portal, a crucial tool for all our students and the hub of all important information. 

    Previous students might notice that this site is slightly different - this is our new update, rolling out over the summer! 

    If you are looking for information on our Short Courses, please click here: Tree Life Short Courses

    As a guest, you can look at most things here; to participate in some activities you will need to set up an account, which takes just a couple of seconds and will be deleted on request.

    We have setup the portal with items that we would have for our candidates joining us on the courses and some additional information to help you pick the course that's right for you.

    Highlights of this course:

  • Course Information

    Welcome to the start of your course with Tree Life. All of your general course information can be found in this block; your coursework and learning resources will appear in the topic blocks below as you progress through the course.

  • Applying for Courses

    Have a look at the factsheets and Qualification Guides below - the factsheets are there to give you a quick and easy overview of the course, the guides go into more detail on the content of the course.

    Email us at to discuss your choices, or call us at 01162606939 - we can provide more accurate advice once we know what you're looking for.

    You can also use the 'Interested in Applying?' form below to ask us your question and we'll reply to you via email.

    Application forms and details on course costs and payment plans are available from us via email.

  • Course Content Examples

    Here are some example assignments to show you some of the ways we assess students. 

    Portal Tests - set up here as fun quizzes, these are marked by computer and you get as many goes as you need when on the course

    Written Assignments - marked by your tutors, you need to fulfil all the ACs - Assessment Criteria - to pass. The example assignment here is actually our Sponsorship Application, which could get you significant financial aid towards the cost of your course! you will need to have created an account to see the Assignment submission information here. 

    •  Assessment Methodologies Explained File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
    •  Work Submission Form Template File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
    •  Printable tracking sheet for those who prefer to track their work manually File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
    •  Tree Life Portal guide File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
    •  List of Course Dates which can also be found on the calendar File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
    •  Programme of Teaching File
      Restricted Available until end of 9 August 2020
  • Classes

    Our classes are held in different locations, but you'll always get the same kind of structure: a full day class with a small number of students, repeated on the same weekday with a few weeks in between to allow you time to complete your assignments. You'll have your full schedule of classes given to you when you start, so you can plan ahead, and every class will send you home with an Assessment Brief to work on in your own time and if you miss a class then don't worry as all of the Assessment Briefs will be on the portal ready & waiting for you. 

    We've given you more details on our different venues below - in a format that shows off some more of what our portal can do.

  • Tree Life Short Courses

    Here at Tree Life we also carry out a number of short courses:

    We have more information on our Tree Life website for all of our short courses including the contents of each of the days, offers for more than one course & the ways to book on to a course.

    To be sent the upcoming 2021 dates for any of these courses once they are released, please email

  • How we're adapting to Covid-19

    We have currently switched all of our ongoing courses for the 2019-2020 academic year to remote learning and we've been delivering teaching by video and audio recordings, alongside extra tutor contact where needed.

    From September 2020, all courses have begun by remote learning. If by January 2021, social distancing is no longer required it may be safe to return to classroom sessions; these will be optional and remote learning will remain available. This will not affect the quality of your course and will not delay the start of the course or extend it. 

    Looking ahead at the 2020-2021 academic year, we are offering courses at all three of our usual locations. We will also be offering L2, L4 and L6 online again, as well as the online extended Tree Mail courses for Levels 4 and 6. 

  • Student Feedback