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Tree Life Short Courses

Professional Tree Inspection Refresher 1 day programme

This refresher training programme is designed to utilise existing knowledge and information provided as part of the Professional Tree Inspection programme.

The programme is not designed to describe management methods of identifying systems of prioritising the inspection of trees with potential defects or to give training related to risk reduction management systems, for example risk zoning such as may be adopted by tree owners.

The need for this refresher programme has arisen out of a recent inquest (2014) where council highway inspectors had not completed any hazard-related training for seven years and a common sense approach to reinforcing previously acquired knowledge and skills.


Course objectives


1.         Be reacquainted with material previously studied in the professional tree inspection programme (PTI) to ensure the previous knowledge and skills acquired are kept current


2.         Review key concepts, such as systematic and diagnostic tree inspection procedures


3.         Share ideas and experiences gained since completing the PTI programme


4.         Update knowledge and skills in technical matters


5.         Ensure compliance with regulatory and best practice changes


6.         Ensure that you continue to possess the skills and knowledge needed to perform the important tasks connected to tree inspection. The day will include a tree inspection exercise and feedback


No assessment procedure is in operation for this refresher course.


Tree inspection kit will be required.